60k – NaNoWriMo Goal Halfway there!

60k words reached! Halfway to my NaNoWrimo Goal!


As promised, here’s today’s second post with a TINY snippet. These chapters are harder to share considering that more and more important things are happening! Needless to say, these are some characters you haven’t met very much before. Need to remember who they are? Go back and reread your copy of Steel Praetorian. Don’t have one? Go fix that problem today! For now, I’ve hit 60,000 words! So happy! We’re halfway to our goal of 80,000 words. If I can do even better that would be awesome. I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot harder time being motivated to type the novel, and I wonder if it’s the distraction of both school and class now. Anyone find some ideas for making yourself type or carve out time?

Anywho, enjoy the snippet and be sure to subscribe and like for more!

“You’re certain she’s returned?” Decanus Cyprian Tulo asked. “We’ve been here nearly four months, with the Emperor’s cousin missing the entire time with no-one the smarter, and now you think you’ve found her?”

“Yes.” Speculatores Mila Laurentia, one of the smartest women Tulo knew, idly rolled her finger over the pommel of her dagger. They lay on the soft ground of a gymnasium, enjoying the late spring sunshine and the smell of the dark earth. Other customers strolled the grounds, some strengthening muscles or running laps on the hard-packed course, while others lounged in the cold pool, or frigidarium. The din of laughter and exercise washed into the background, shielding their conversation from eavesdroppers.

Besides, Tulo admitted, it was definitely nice to look at Mila in her close-fitting gymnasium wear. The sweaty linen shirt and trousers looked good on her.

Mila slapped his arm.

“Stop ogling me, you troll!” She demanded, wiping away a quick smile that had appeared on her face as she caught him staring.

“It’s not like no one else out here has noticed.” He replied, forcing his attention back to her hazel eyes. Dark hair framed her face, and her perky lips pursed in a frustrated fashion.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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