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A Brief Update on the Kickstarter rewards and an invitation to check out my Facebook Page!

Hi everyone!

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So for today’s posting, I’m sharing what is happening here at Roma Central within the Kickstarter department. So far, we’ve got several things happening…


  1. The thank you post cards have been stamped (some still need special stamps to go to special places!)
  2. I think I have enough books on hand to deal with those people who wanted paper backs, but I need to do one final count.
  3. As for the posters, I have enough of them to send to people as well! I just have to make sure they can all fit into the same box!
  4. Work on Antioch Burns – featuring characters designed by your fellow readers – is progressing slowly but surely.


So as you can see, I haven’t left my kickstarter friends in the dark! Their rewards should definitely be done pretty soon, and thus will be sent out way ahead of the August due date.


By the way, did you know I have a facebook page? Please go there and ‘Like’ me to get more updates, cool pictures and illustrations, and more! Also, I plan on running a mini-competition to get some more ‘likes’ very soon – with a cool, as yet unreleased, prize!

Oh, and there may be a new kickstarter in the far future for Iron Tribune. Copper Centurion is doing much better than I’ve expected, getting pretty low in the rankings chart (i.e. 7th place, 12th place, etc) But Brass Legionnaire has been 2nd place in the Greek and Roman books page for the last few weeks! Yippee!


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