Antioch Burns…

A sneak peek at Antioch Burns, my second novella coming out late 2013.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Its a tad bit too cold to go to the pool or even sunbathe where I am currently, but hopefully that will change by next weekend.ancientCityMap


Unfortunately, for the people of Antioch in my next novel, this is not a good time to be in town. You see, the Mongolians have invaded….


Enjoy the tantalizing sneak peek at Antioch Burns, my 2nd novella that is still in the pipeline. I hope you like the tidbit.


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The ramparts of Antioch at the Mount Silpius d...
The ramparts of Antioch at the Mount Silpius during the 12th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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*and remember to wear sunscreen!*




The countryside flew by at a prodigious rate, the horses of the auxilia scouting unit eating up the leagues of rolling hills and farmland. The double score of men rode two abreast, sunlight shinning off their glittering scale armor. The detachment of horsemen sent up a thin cloud of dust from the dirt road as they crested a low rise, their leader reining in his steed. Decanus Orestus Flavian reached into his saddlebag and pulled out a map. He traced their route with his gloved finger.


“According to the merchant’s report, he saw the burning homes down this way. He also said there was a lot of easterner cavalry. Pah!” He laughed. “Probably one of those damnable tribal disputes lighting up again. Stupid civilian probably hasn’t ever seen a real eastern horseman in his life.” He quipped to his auxilia. Several of his men laughed. They had been together for some time. Flavian liked to say that he had been born in the saddle. Out here on the eastern border of the Imperial Roman Empire, the massed cavalry forces of the eastern Mongolian Khannates were the main threat, and the Romans had been forced to develop their forces in kind. Flavian was one of the original founders, boys picked from the riding stables of various major cities, given weapons and armor and sent to fight on horses not designed for the job. The fact that he survived the two years of brutal, no-holds-barred warfare spoke to his skill and tenacity. That he rose in rank to lead an auxilia detachment, the ground based eyes and ears of the Roman Army, spoke to his intelligence.


Using this intelligence now, Flavian guided his men off the dirt roadway, to better mask their dust cloud as they approached the supposed scene of the attack. They rode through the field, trampling the high crops with impunity. Finally, the horsemen crested a short rise, and the officer reined his men in.


“In the name of Jupiter…” Flavian’s jaw dropped, gaping at the sight laid out before him.




Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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  1. I have a hard time hearing about “mongorian’s” invading and not think of south park!

  2. Here is a question for you: Are you planning on coming out with a full audio book version anytime soon? I noticed you offered your fans the first chapter of Brass Legionnaire on youtube. It would be really cool if we could buy the full version though. Perhaps a deal with

    1. Hey Louis – I’d love to, my brother is actually planning to work on it. I’m thinking that it would be a goal of mine after finishing book three or so. Unfortunately, I can’t split my efforts too far afield as I have very limited time on my hand. I’d love to though, in the future. I would probably offer it at cost to download the whole thing, but maybe I’d post the first 10 or so chapters on youtube.

      1. I agree it’s not worth splitting your efforts on. Just a thought: a while back, one author, Lawrence watt-evans decided to revive an old trend on his site where every time he received fan donations totaling X$, he would write another chapter. Maybe something like this would work towards the audio version. On the other hand, find a couple fans (count me in) who are willing to prepay for the audio version and you are set!

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