New D&D Resource – Maps of Brokenbank in Wildemount

I’m finally back with some new maps of Brokenbank for Dungeons and Dragons!

With D&D being decidedly virtual for the future, I’ve finally settled on doing an episodic style campaign. We’ve only got about two or three hours every week, and you can’t fit tons of ‘dilly-dallying’ into that time period. While it’s a bit simpler than my first campaign, I’m actually enjoying it more with fewer people and a more direct focus.

These new maps are of Brokenbank, an island that is part of the Clovis Concord, one of the three main political powers on the continent of Wildemount. I’ve taken the brief mentions in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount book and made a few maps of the island and some locales within them. I’ve included a map of the town of Brokenbank proper, giving a few named character locations (such as the Apothecary and Pawn Shop) and a few of my own invention (such as the Forge and Bakery). Maps are all of my own design, feel free to use (but not sell) and give credit, as always. I’m also now open for commissions if you like my style!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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