Redwatch Island – Ghosts of Saltmarsh in Eberron – A Campaign Setting

What’s better than pirates? Ghosts, Pirates, and Steampunk creations! All to be found in my latest adventure – Redwatch Island

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Let’s be honest. Pirates are awesome. You know what’s even better? Pirates, Ghosts, and Steampunk Creations. So now that we’ve created a triumvirate of COOL things, let’s put that into Dungeons and Dragons and have some fun, shall we?

What is Redwatch Island? Redwatch IslandOnly one of the most distant islands in the Lhazaar Archiapelago, home to the Principalities of Lhazaar. Redwatch has only recently risen to prominence, based on two reasons. First, The Prince of Redwatch finally established himself as an actual leader, defeating the Sea Kings Pirate Confederacy and driving them (well, mostly) from the waters around Seaton, his capital.

Second, the newly discovered iron and silver mines in the southern branch of the Redwatch Ridge Mountains give the holder of said mines a lot of power. The island chain is starved for easy-to-access iron ore. Relations with the dwarves of the Mhor Holds have been consistently rocky, and the Prince of Redwatch is well positioned to make himself a lot of money from trade for iron.

With this background, I’ve merged elements of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures and the Eberron campaign setting. While GoSM recommends placing the adventures in Eberron in Q’barra, I prefer an island life as it reduces the number of outside factors and bumps up the use of ships and nautical ideas.

As far as Dragonmarks go, feel free to use, not use, or adapt. As this is the campaign I’m getting started to run this week (Eek!), I’m not letting characters develop Dragonmarks until 3rd or 5th level (haven’t decided yet), as I don’t want them to have too much power, and I don’t want them to have access to the Dragonmark resources that may help tilt the scales so to speak.

Go check out my Custom Resources page to find the newest campaign setting – Redwatch Island!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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