New Resource Added – Maps of Redwatch!

Hi everyone,

My characters recently asked for a map (in game) and were able to procure one of the surrounding area thanks to some good roleplaying. Naturally, I immediately went “Uh Oh” as I didn’t have a modified map with actual detail prepared. No longer!

I present to you, not one but TWO maps of Southern Redwatch!

Southern Redwatch

Eastern Redwatch(1)

I used the free version of Inkarnate for this map, as I’m still awaiting the Alpha version of the Deios Worldbuilder and Map Maker tool that I kickstarted last summer. With the delays imposed by COVID 19, I’m not certain when it will show up, but I can make this work in the meantime!

What do you all think?

Redwatch Island – Ghosts of Saltmarsh in Eberron – A Campaign Setting

What’s better than pirates? Ghosts, Pirates, and Steampunk creations! All to be found in my latest adventure – Redwatch Island

Hi All,

Let’s be honest. Pirates are awesome. You know what’s even better? Pirates, Ghosts, and Steampunk Creations. So now that we’ve created a triumvirate of COOL things, let’s put that into Dungeons and Dragons and have some fun, shall we?

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