Hi All,

IronTributeIllo2_08_15_15Well, it has certainly been an insane week here in the United States, and with our schools on lockdown and more and more parts of our society shut down due to the Covid 19, we’re about to become shut-ins for the next few weeks. I hope that this will help flatten the curve and keep more people I know healthy.

Good news – its a great time to read books!

So what happened this week? Well the craziness of the week didn’t let me get to my goal. However, now that I’m stuck at home – I literally have nothing else to do other than type. Which is AWESOME. I’m going to come out with another few posts about how I’m going to be writing, but the goal this week is to complete the last edits and writing parts of The Last Gladiator, and fixing a few others errors. That’s the goal. I’m also going to finish planning out the History of the Colonies of New Caesaria. This is important for me to do because I want to get ahead while I have a chance.

So in essence:

  • Finish The Last Gladiator
  • Finish organizing / planning the History of the Colonies.
  • Personal Goal: Four blog posts this week.


Let’s get to it!