Maryland Renaissance Festival Recap!

A Recap of my awesome book signing event at the Maryland Renaissance Festival!

“Do you like Roman history? Or Alternate history? How about steamships? If you do, this is the book for you!”

The Fiance/Fair Maiden and I/Caviler/Author

I lost track of how often I said that Saturday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, Maryland. But I’m excited to share how it went!

With the day shaping up to be an overcast and warm September day, it was a perfect day to get out there, meet the fans, make new fans, and sell some books!

Paige and Tom from Page after Page are the absolute best booksellers I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with. From making sure that they have your books in stock, to filling the author tent with gatorade and water to keep us hydrated (did we need it), and even letting you know how the sales are going throughout the day, they were awesome. Speaking of which….I sold out of all my books!

My view from my side of the author’s tent. Probably the best location (as people waiting for the bathrooms or for people in the bathrooms would come over to talk.) Many ended up buying the book! I thought Page after Page’s location was a downside, but it’s actually a strategic decision!



The only hiccup in the entire event was the fact that Amazon managed to deliver the physical copies of Laurel Emperor at noon, but all the way back at my parents’ house, which meant they did not arrive on time for the fair. So people were only able to purchase books 1-4. Which in hindsight isn’t the worse thing that could happen. Without the fifth book in store, I didn’t feel bad about directing people online to purchase it, which means more readers (and more sales!).

I was also able to promote the book website as well, which is great since I spent last weekend upgrading it!

I met tons of fabulous people. I made an effort to take selfies with as many people as possible who came to get book signings or bought the whole series.

Check it out!

I met the only Roman at the Faire, which obviously means I now have a whole host of new Roman friends on the Book of Faces (where you should like me too!)
It always makes me happy when my ‘spiel’ instantly makes people want to learn more! (I’m just happy it worked in the first place! But these two are awesome!)
This fan has the distinction of being the first to buy the entire set available! She got all four books in stock signed!
More happy fans! The shop was offering 10% off the whole series if you bought all four!

My friends and family showed up too! It’s always great to have the support (and they kept me entertained during the lulls in action!).

School friends came to visit – but I only got one on camera!
Even my brother came! Which was awesome! He kept up my spirits towards the end (I mean, that shirt got unbuttoned late turning me from a caviler into a pirate look alike, not horrible!)

A major thanks goes to my two fellow authors – Andrew Hiller (If you like wordplay and wordsmithing, check out his work!) and Talyn Draconmore (The most adorable children’s books teaching manners under the guise of Vikings, Renes’ (Renefest attendees) and more!). These two kept my spirits up, sent some visitors my way, and kept the energy in the tent positive!

So a huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported me or came out to visit! If you’re brand new to the blog, welcome and I hope you stay – Make sure you subscribe! Check out all the books at the book website OR go ahead and go straight to Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords for your stories!

Remember to follow me on facebook and twitter for more up to date ramblings!

Ciao! See you next time (and there will definitely be a next time, as I got unofficially invited back!)



Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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