Middle – Project 27

Another attempt at poetry after you all enjoyed my last one.

Hi all,
Everyone really seemed to like my last effort at poetry, so I figured, why not try again?
Goal: 27 pieces of poetry
Theme/Topic: Teaching/School
Why? For kicks! Who knows, I may publish a book out of it (He says, jokingly)
Anyways, here’s today’s attempt – C&C always appreciated, especially as I’m new to this part of writing. I find the experience very free flowing, it’s best when I don’t stop for any reason.


Forever Stuck
In the middle
Always playing
Second fiddle

Smart and sassy
Young and quick
Quick to give those boys a trip
To the nurse’s office they go
When she breaks their ankles on the field
Or the playground
She goes fast
They go slow

Brothers and sisters
Older than she
Have already been through the halls
She graces now.
But new halls they are,
New friends, new places, new problems
World wise at the age of two times five
Desperate, thirsty for knowledge, she…

Stuck in the middle
Playing second fiddle
But will her teacher see
A member of the background chorus she will not be
But rather
A soloist

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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