Day 9 – A bit slower, but still moving ahead.


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Day 9 has come and gone, and what a challenge it was…

Current Progress 18,454

Current Goal for today: 19,000 – Used up a chunk of my buffer. Tomorrow will better!

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“…But we’re outnumbered here. We can either join with our compatriots in turning back this treachery, or suffer alone in our own private war.”

The man shut up. He gave a terse nod. “We’ll support you.” The logistics commander saluted.

“It is agreed. Commander Erasmus, after you. We must announce our decision to our men.” The committee of officers left the stuffy tent. The dusty streets of the castellum were packed with legionnaires, milling about aimlessly.

“Sound Roll Call!” Paulos ordered. The notes of a horn echoed through the camp, calling the men to assemble at the parade groups. Legionnaires ran down the vias, carefully avoiding the group of commanders as they scurried to their places. By the time the commanders reached the central parade grounds, the better part of three entire legions had assembled, joined by their attached auxiliary cavalry and artillery units. Julius and the commanders climbed the small wooden platform, hastily assembled, so that they could address their men.

Commander Erasmus shook hands with each of his fellow commanders, before taking his place at the head of the small party.

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