14, 356 Words – Plus Corbus’ first chapter in Steel Praetorian

We’ve crossed the Rubicon, I mean the 14,000 word mark! Here’s a teaser of what I’ve been writing.

So I can’t share much about today’s chapter because it reveals too many secrets, but here’s a quick snippet. I’ll be posting a longer entry tomorrow as you got two blog postings today! As a reminder, you can still get my latest novel, Iron Tribune through Amazon and Smashwords! Also check out my Facebook Iron Tribune Release Party! Want to ask questions about Steel Praetorian, I’ll answer those as well. Plus, if we’re lucky, they’ll be a sneak peak of the Steel Praetorian Cover art as well!Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.28.50 PM

Goal for Sunday: 18,000 words

“Lord Corbus, We are so glad of your arrival. You, our most loyal servant, will be rewarded for your service to Us. Let it be known that our servant Corbus, son of Amalia, shall be granted the estates of the governor of Germania Inferior, and the power vested within as our representative of our authority over the province of the same name. He shall officially be entitled to the rank and privileges of a Komites, or centurion, of the Athanatoi, my immortals, and personal guards. We trust our servant Corbus with this high office and power, such is his loyalty to Us. See and know, all, that We reward loyalty and strength as much as we punish treachery and cowardice. Thus it is proclaimed by Us, (REMOVED FOR SPECIAL REASONS!)”

A servant came forward, bearing the stole of office and the vestments of the royal guard. He allowed the man to drape the stole over him, and he bowed low as he accepted the vestments. I’d rather toss these into the fire, but I feel like that might be taken the wrong way.

“Now rise again, Komites Corbus of Our Athanatoi. Rise a loyal son of Rome, and of your Emperor.” Corbus rose to his feet, and the crowd around him called out his name.

“Corbus! Corbus! Corbus!”

The emperor gestured with his hand, and the steward slammed the iron ferrule of his staff of office onto the marble. Bang, bang, bang!

“Court is adjourned for today. Go forth in the Emperor’s light and share in the power of his authority and grace.” The male courtiers went down on one knee, women curtsying low as the emperor stood and turned from the podium, walking out the same door where Corbus had eliminated his brother not three weeks earlier. With his departure, the crowd swiftly exited the room, the low murmur of conversation springing up around him. Corbus studiously ignored the speculative looks thrown at him by both men and women as they walked by him. The same guardsman who had retrieved him walked up. Or at least, he thought it was the same one.

“Come. You must change out of that antique gear. The Emperor wants to see you in his war council.” The man led him to a small side room, where he was left alone to change. “I’ll be right outside, should you need my assistance. Don’t be too long, the Emperor is not a patient man.” He cautioned. Don’t I know it.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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