Main Update – The End is In Sight!

The End is Nigh for Iron Tribune Backers!

Good Morning! Happy End of Daylight Savings time to those of you in America. And happy day-after-Halloween hangover day to the same people!

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that I have all the files in hand for Iron Tribune. I’ll be spending today uploading them to the various websites – Amazon, B+N, Smashwords. They will not be active yet for two reasons. Number one, I want to ensure that kickstarter backers who ordered a print version aren’t left behind (That doesn’t seem fair to me.) However, with everything uploaded, I should be able to order proof print copies from Createspace (Amazon’s Print on Demand Service, the one I use) and then quickly get access to ‘regular’ ones.

Then it’s simply boxing, mailing, and finally releasing Iron Tribune! I’m very excited for this, thank you for your patience and support throughout this time. I look forward to sharing the book with you. Backers will get access to the book one weekend in advance of me releasing it to the general public, as a thank you for everything you’ve done.

I encourage all of you to submit reviews for Iron Tribune (Or the other books as well if it’s your first time). Reviews promote the book, the story, and me. It helps me know I’m doing a good job and that people enjoy what I’m writing! The more good reviews, the more people see the book and might check it out, and the bigger our fan-base grows!

PS – I’ll also be hosting a book release party on Friday November 27th, the official release day! Join up on Facebook, and share it with all your friends! Who knows, there may be prizes involved!



Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto
Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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