Well folks, it’s done. Barring the illustrations and formatting. Everything, including a sneak peek at Steel Praetorian, is off to be formatted, cleaned up, and prepared for my legions (yuk yuk) of fans to jump on and read to their heart’s content. So what’s left for me?

1.) Work on Steel Praetorian.

2.) Get a back blurb done!

3.) That’s it!

Here’s two different blurbs I’ve been playing around with. Thoughts?

Option A!

Vengeance was delivered, and Rome was triumphant. At least, that’s what the men of the XIII Germania believe. But their commanding officer knows better. Constantine Tiberius Appius defeated the Nortlanders in their capital, but now faces a greater challenge: the overwhelming power of the Mongol Empire. While his allies in Rome struggle to gather support for the weakened Roman army, his enemies plot. In a surprise assault, the Mongols push through the eastern provinces, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, Constantine and his men forge new partnerships and undertake a risky gambit. Can they turn back the unending waves of Mongol men? Or will the east be lost? Find out in IRON TRIBUNE.

Option B!

Rome’s legions march ever onward in Daniel Ottalini’s Steam Empire Chronicles. Constantine Tiberius Appius leads his men back to Rome for a Triumph. But their respite is short lived, as they are soon sent east to face the ever-growing Mongol menace in Mesopotamia. With the Empire under attack from without, treachery and political maneuvering threaten to topple Rome from within. Constantine and his men have no choice. They must defeat the Mongols and their new weapons or die trying in IRON TRIBUNE.