Kickstarter in Progress + Fun Facts about Iron Tribune

Kickstarter in Progress!


The kickstarter for Iron Tribune is in full progress now. With 22 days to go, we’re at 4739 out of $750 needed! As usual in most kickstarter campaigns, the funding amount jumps at the beginning and the end, but stays relatively flat in the middle. We’ve been on a slow, but steady, increase over the first few days, and if you haven’t joined in yet, now is a great time!

We’re also really close to our first stretch goal, which is included for everyone! – Antioch Burns is a great novella, and is the perfect companion for Iron Tribune.

Here are some fun facts about Iron Tribune.

1.) The story is roughly 80,000 words long (about the same length as Copper Centurion)

2.) Right now, it will have about 5 illustrations or maps, but for each $100 or so I raise, we can add another illustration or map.

3.) Part of the book takes place in Rome, which has only been featured in one other chapter in the entire series – The assassination of Constantine’s brother Lucius in Brass Legionnaire.

4.) Iron Tribune is book #3 in the Steam Empire Series, which has two more planned novels and three more planned novellas!

5.) The main characters in Antioch Burns are all from the last kickstarter, and now have a place in the main story line. Imagine what your character could do in my world!

Here’s the link again if you want to take a look at the Kickstarter!

Although delayed a bit, the next chapter of the Border will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Real life gets in the way sometimes!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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