#Steamlit buildup: Martin Kee Interview

I love this! Great to always hear about other author’s writing, especially during #steamlit April!

James Calbraith

steamlit As part of the buildup for the #Steampunk Lit Extravaganza , we’re doing interview with each other. So here’s mine with the author Martin Kee .
1. Tell us a bit about yourself and the book you’re promoting.
I’m a former game developer and content writer. I’ve written all my life, but only decided to write novels around five years ago. Currently I am living in Idaho with my wife, a couple of cats and a rabbit. I am trying to make a career out of not wearing pants.
A LATENT DARK is about that hidden part of ourselves we know is there, but choose to not talk about. It’s about a girl who can see this part of people plain as day, and the theocracy who wants to capture her because of it. She’s pursued by a man named Lyle Summers, who appears as sort of a cross between…

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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