Tackling the D&D Introduction Campaign Solo (One Player!)

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Greetings, and welcome to a long post – People seem to enjoy my fictionalization of the various D&D campaigns I seem to be getting drawn into, so forgive me if I lean into that a bit. To start the new year out right, I’m currently working through the beginner campaign – The Lost Mine of Phandelver – with my fiancee, brother, and a few friends. This will not be the most impressive write up, nor will this post be focused on  the actual story – rather, my impressions on running it as a first time Dungeon Master and how it works with a single player character, rather than the usual group.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: The Plot Thickens

Welcome Back to Tallavanor’s Tales: Last time our brave heroes were ambushed on their way back to the Count. Was this a conspiracy from the count, or were other forces at work? Watch Officer Tallavanor is totally in the mood to play bad cop (and also enjoying his first natural twenty in the pistol shooting department).

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Gunslinger D&D Character – First Time Creation & Background Writing

I attempt to write the background of a D&D Gunslinger. Lots of fun!

Never thought I’d be a D&D player, but here we are. Image result for gunslinger

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