Exciting moments and an announcement!

Copper Centurion reaches high up on the Kindle Steampunk Charts, plus an announcement about a new novella!

Carpe Diem to new and old readers alike! Thanks so much for your continued support! Today’s post will be brief, I just wanted to let people know that Copper Centurion already has two five-star rankings! Woot woot! Both of my novels reached up into the low 40s on the Amazon steampunk rankings chart the other day, but I want them up into the first tier!

In announcements, I will reveal that I am going to be working with a small publisher to publish Antioch Burns, the next novella in the Steam Empire Chronicles. Working with a small publisher will help me defray editing and formatting costs, which are becoming a bigger expense now that I’ve bought a house. This is was originally a bonus reward for kickstarter backers, who will get it a week to two weeks ahead of time, but it is also going to be available for sale, hopefully by November or December – long term planning and all, but I still have Roma Aeronautica to publish, which will be coming sometime in July or August, methinks.

So lots to do! But Centurion Julius Caesar has a message for you.

Go forth, Roman Citizen, and claim your book. Read it, love it, and leave a review so we may share our ideas with others. For the Empire!

Copper Centurion is available for download on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, as well as Smashwords.

Boo-yah 🙂 Ciao!

Six Days & Six Reasons to read Brass Legionnaire (Before Copper Centurion)!

Six Days and Six reasons to read or revisit Brass Legionnaire!

Six reasons to read or revisit Brass Legionnaire BEFORE getting Copper Centurion next week!

  1. You won’t know why all these Romans have airships
  2. You’ll be confused as to why Julius Caesar is only 18 years old in the 1850s
  3. You’ll be concerned that the Romans are invading Scandinavia. What did all those blonde haired – blue eyed people do to them?
  4. You won’t know what a Mechaniphant looks like.
  5. You will miss out on all the world building – like how Romans deal with trash.
  6. Did I mention it’s a five-star rated, award winning novel with a unique premise that’s barely been touched by mainstream authors? Oh, and there are no vampires, I promise!

Get it today and join the legions! You still have enough time to explore it and get ready for Copper Centurion! See you tomorrow for the five days posting!

It’s Coming…. Seven Days

It’s coming in seven days…. Be ready.

One Week until Copper Centurion’s Ebook Copy is released.

One Week until the high-flying, mechaniphant riding, assassin chasing, barbarian fighting, political intrigue, and seat-of-your-pants adventure ebook novel is yours to purchase!

With just seven days left, here’s seven new locations introduced in Copper Centurion.

  1. Copendrium – (Copenhagen, in our time)
  2. Volcano Island – (Gotland Island)
  3. Sundsvall – (Sundsvall, Sweden)
  4. Nortland – (A feudal nation occupying all of the Scandinavian peninsula, as well as Finland and parts of Northwest Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland)
  5. Midgard – An invented capital city and fortress built from the living rock of a huge mountain in central Nortland.
  6. Viken Rivers – The Indalsalven rivers and tributaries
  7. Copendrium Cafeteria – don’t know what the Officers eat? Want to hear some juicy gossip? The Cafeteria is the place for you. (Just don’t try the greens, they’ve been there all week)

Be. Prepared.

Carpe Diem!



It’s Copper Centurion Giveaway Competition Time!

A Copper Centurion Giveaway has been announced! Click on the link for your chance to win a signed, paperback copy of my newest novel!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Copper Centurion by Daniel Ottalini

Copper Centurion

by Daniel Ottalini

Giveaway ends April 16, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

If you’re looking for the opportunity to win a brand new, signed, paperback copy of Copper Centurion, then you’ve come to the right place! But I urge you to click only if you like one of the following things.

  1. Romans Vs Barbarians
  2. Airships
  3. Fun new gadgetry
  4. A Female Roman Senator
  5. Getting lost in the middle of Scandanavia
  6. Elephants vs Wolves
  7. Learning that Vikings did not have horns on their helmets
  8. Fun new latin words
  9. Operation Northern Gale
  10. Togas.

Quite an impressive list! I could tell you more, but then what would be the point in getting the novel? Check it out now! Giveaway ends April 16th!

Made it through the CreateSpace Process – Again!

Copper Centurion is uploaded to Createspace, and I’m still looking for Blog Tour Hosts – Prizes are available!

Hi everyone,

Just finished uploading Copper Centurion’s Files to Createspace, so it should be available on the release date! I had forgotten how finicky Amazon’s Print-On-Demand engine can be sometimes. It was yelling at me about the illustrations, when even my illustrators were telling me that it shouldn’t be. Grr. Any who, Did you know that there are only 17 days until Copper Centurion’s debut? I’m so excited! I’m still looking for people willing to help me out with a blog tour. Considering that I’ll be giving away a Nook or Kindle device (my choice) if I get more than five people, you’ll want to be in on it! Plus, did I mention you get free ebook copies of Copper Centurion (and Brass Legionnaire, should you want that as well!)

So what am I looking for?

  1. Someone willing to do a book review OR
  2. Host me as a guest blogger in May! (I’m flexible in terms of time) OR
  3. Do an interview with me

That’s it! If you’re looking for great blog content, let me know, I’d love to visit your site! I’m particularly good in the ares of self-publishing, using kickstarter, or steampunk discussions.

I hope to hear from you! Leave a message below if you’re interested in signing up for the tour!



Radio Interview up on Youtube!

Check out the radio interview up on Youtube, and a call for ARC readers of Copper Centurion. Freebies to be had! Check out more in today’s posting.

Hi all,

After fiddling with iMovie and Youtube, I’ve successfully placed the radio interview I did with Global Talk Radio on youtube. If you have a moment, pop over and listen to it!

Also, I’m currently in the hunt for some advanced review copy readers for Copper Centurion. If you’re interested in getting a free book, plus an awesome free digital booklet of all the Steam Empire Chronicles artwork, leave me a message and I’ll deliver it right to your door! If you like it, I’d love for you to review the novel and tell the world about it on Amazon, Apple, B&N, your choice 🙂

As soon as I get word back from my illustrators that the illustrations are ready to be inserted into the novel, I’ll be asking for some people willing to do a book tour (I’m thinking April, so keep your schedules open, te-he!)

I’ll be back with more soon,


– Daniel

Copper Centurion Cover Art Reveal

Cover Art for Copper Centurion is out! Check it out and learn more about the progress of my kickstarter campaign!

Happy Long Weekend everyone!

Hopefully people are out enjoying their long weekend, but if you are stuck at home (or, like me, poor, grading work, and stuck at home) then take a moment to check out the cover for Copper Centurion. I’m really excited to be bringing this to you. Those of you who look closely may spot some clues to some parts of the story! But I’m not giving any more clues!

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