Made it through the CreateSpace Process – Again!

Copper Centurion is uploaded to Createspace, and I’m still looking for Blog Tour Hosts – Prizes are available!

Hi everyone,

Just finished uploading Copper Centurion’s Files to Createspace, so it should be available on the release date! I had forgotten how finicky Amazon’s Print-On-Demand engine can be sometimes. It was yelling at me about the illustrations, when even my illustrators were telling me that it shouldn’t be. Grr. Any who, Did you know that there are only 17 days until Copper Centurion’s debut? I’m so excited! I’m still looking for people willing to help me out with a blog tour. Considering that I’ll be giving away a Nook or Kindle device (my choice) if I get more than five people, you’ll want to be in on it! Plus, did I mention you get free ebook copies of Copper Centurion (and Brass Legionnaire, should you want that as well!)

So what am I looking for?

  1. Someone willing to do a book review OR
  2. Host me as a guest blogger in May! (I’m flexible in terms of time) OR
  3. Do an interview with me

That’s it! If you’re looking for great blog content, let me know, I’d love to visit your site! I’m particularly good in the ares of self-publishing, using kickstarter, or steampunk discussions.

I hope to hear from you! Leave a message below if you’re interested in signing up for the tour!



GoodReads Giveaway & Createspace Publishing Announcement

Website giveaway update and Goodreads Giveaway introduction! Win a FREE signed copy of Brass Legionnaire. Goodreads Link –

It is with great happiness that I announce the publishing of the createspace paperback version of Brass Legionnaire. You can find it here before it has a permanent place on amazon.

Or, if you’d prefer to enter a giveaway for the book, I’m giving away three copies on the website here or if you are a member of Goodreads, you can click on the link below.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Brass Legionnaire by Daniel Ottalini

Brass Legionnaire

by Daniel Ottalini

Giveaway ends June 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

As you can see, the giveaways end soon! And, if you are a smart and crafty person, you can enter to win in both places! One just requires a comment (the website) and the other simply requires you to be a member of Goodreads! If you sign up for both, and somehow win both, I’ll send you just one copy and redraw for someone else (it’s only fair after all!)

I have the actual books here. They are ‘proof’ novels, but they are exactly the same as the real ones! Hope you are excited! Sign up soon, the contest ends in three days!

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