Year of Accountability – May 11-18th, 2020

Here’s another Year of Accountability post! A day late, but it’s been a wonderful weekend of relaxing! Now, on to the post!

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So did I do any writing this week? Other than blog posts, no. I took some time for myself and I relaxed. I didn’t achieve my goal of 1,000 words, but I did, however, continue to outline my next novella!

Also – reviews for the Last Gladiator have been coming in! Here’s some comments from two solidly awesome reviews so far!

  1. Jon Richter’s Blog Book Review

“Of course, however original (and cool) your premise, there’s no substitute for good writing, and Daniel certainly delivers in this regard. The book rattles (and clanks, and whirrs) along faster than a speeding chariot, and the plot kept me gripped enough to finish the novel in a single sitting.”

2. Asaph Mehr’s Review

I liked the alternate-history that Ottalini constructs, a Roman-flavoured world advanced through the centuries to the technical marvels of Steampunk. It’s at once both familiar and bizarre, the perfect balance.

Though the novella starts focused of Lucia’s main and last battle, that is only half the story. There is much more here than fights alone, and the character’s life advances beyond that famous bout.”

Both those reviews helped make my weekend, and I’m excited to keep sharing them with you! Remember, you can get The Last Gladiator on Smashwords, for Nook, or for Kindle!

My goals for this week are as follows:

1. Keep creating the next novella’s outline.

2. Write 1,000 words in the next novella!

I really want to get working on this, and without some of the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to churn out blog posts, I should be able to do it! I’ll aim to update you on Thursday with how things are going!

Stay safe out there.

– Daniel

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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