3 Ways to Speed Up Online D&D Video Sessions

Hi all,

Quick post today, as I’m actually getting back to my regular job! Here’s three ways to speed up your online D&D Video sessions from personal experience but also from the best Dungeon Masters online.

  1. Initiative By Camera – My players have a chunk that are in the same ‘camera’ online (as in they are sharing a camera to play with a partner) so I’ll assign one initiative count per screen, rather than per person. Stick with the same initiative the entire time, and rearrange your camera screens if possible to follow who is going when as a DM.
  2. Use Google Docs to keep track of loot and other things – Giving Loot to a group? Instead of sharing it verbally, have it already ready to go in your doc, and copy paste into a ‘group’ doc so it can be distributed / shared, understood easily. Also handy for keeping track of team resources rather than individual resources.
  3. Clear directions – I can’t state this enough. If you aren’t clearly stating who needs to do what (TEACHER TRICK) then people often talk over each other rather than wait. You’ll have to take a more guiding hand in this case.

That’s it for now. Any other ideas to make online D&D move faster? My group will be trying Roll20 next time, and I look forward to that!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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