Father’s Day Sale

Brass Legionnaire is on sale just in time for Father’s Day! Get a great gift at 25% off!
Action, adventure, air battles and altitude sickness, all at a great price.

Hi all,

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In Honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to give something back to my fans. My dad helped me pursue my goals, and I want to recognize that.

At the end of this post is a 25% off coupon for the ebook version of Brass Legionnaire. That’s 60,000 plus words of action, adventure, cool steampunk technology mixed with a healthy dash of rebellion, assassination, and trash haulers turned into war machines in one convenient package for the favorite adult male who is also a parent in your life! (Or perhaps one who is about to be a parent! Including those in the far, far future!) The sale is going on over at Smashwords, where you can download a file for any device!

Got a Kindle? Yup, they’ve got a file for that.

A Nook? iPad? Kobo? Check, check, and check!

Want to simply read it on your computer cause you’re awesome? Check Plus.

Click HERE for the Brass Legionnaire Smashwords Page.

Click the ‘read more’ below to see the code 🙂

Smashwords Code: JX64V (The code expires on Monday, so use it quick!)

Thanks! And if you like it, review it!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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