Zombie Survival Guide – A Review

Top Ten Lessons For Surviving a Zombie Attack

10. The Zombie may be gone, but the threat lives on…

This month I’ve been in a bit of a Zombie kick, so I’m going to review two books by Max Brooks, First the Zombie Survival Guide, a non-nonsense guide to surviving a world teeming with zombies (fictionally, of course…right?) Then in a few days I’ll be reviewing World War Z, Max Brooks’ semi-biographical/fictional oral account of the Zombie War.

To  begin, the Zombie Survival Guide is just that – a survival guide. After providing a solid background on the myths and truths of zombies, zombie infestation, the differences between Hollywood depictions and the real McCoy, we learn about the four classes of outbreaks, and their impact on society. I liked this part. Other zombie guides discuss weapons and tactics and ways of working together, but scarcely do they provide clues about how a zombie infestation might be covered up by authorities (Be on the look out for missing people and heavily armed “rescue” teams). Brooks informs us of in-depth studies performed on Zombies, what works against them, what doesn’t, all combined with useful diagrams and drawings showing how to defeat, or get eaten, by Zombies.

A few quick glimpses of the most useful things gleaned from this treasure trove of information compiled by Brooks.

1. The most useful protection against zombie bite is not Kevlar or plate mail armor, but rather close cropped hair and tight clothing (Think nothing to grab)

2. The best close combat weapon? Trench Spike (WW1 Trench Warfare Spear/Brass knuckle combo)

3. Best Long Range Weapon? Not a machine gun or flame thrower, but a semi-automatic rifle. Avoid the run n’ gun approach!

Other awesome parts to read up on – What to do in an outbreak, preparedness, and, most importantly, a Checklist for Survival. Read up on the famous accounts of zombie attacks, the humans who fought them, and the outcomes. With events stretching as far back as 60000 B.C., Zombies have been attacking, infesting, fighting, and disappearing back into the wilderness of Earth. Are you prepared for them? Be sure you are with this book! 9/10 Stars

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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