Update on Laurel Emperor

Check out the progress on Laurel Emperor, then read a snippet from a longtime character.

Salve! Today’s post is on the progress of Laurel Emperor, plus a snippet from a character we’ve seen and heard a lot about, and even dealt with, but never actually read about from his own point of view. Anyways, onward to progress!

Word Count: 35,107

Final Goal: 95,000-100,000 words

Chapters: 12 so far

Average size of chapters – 10 pages (5 full word document pages, generally doubled to make the normal chapter size).

Locations of Interest – Thrace, Rome, Byzantium, Alexandria

Read more to find out who our mystery chapter POV character is today!

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My Month-Long Blogging Experiment

How/Why I blogged for an entire month and some of what I learned.

Or – How to double your readership in 30 days.

Salve! As I sit here, basking in the computer-screen glow of Steel Praetorian finally being out and available for you all to read in a single day, I’m reflecting on the month long journey that brought us here. One of my personal promises to myself this month was two fold- write every day for Laurel Emperor, and blog every day for Modern Papyrus (also called this blog – ha!)

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Guest Posting from Ichabod Temperance

Read an excellent Blog Post from Steampunk Author Ichabod Temperance, who’d love to introduce himself to you!

Hi everyone! Day 28 has arrived, and with it a wonderful guest post by the wacky and always entertaining Ichabod Temperance (Or Icky, as he goes by online!) I’ve worked with him before on Steampunk Septembers and sales, and he’s a great author – take a look!

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Day 10 – Blog Tour Hosts Wanted!

Looking for some more blog tour hosts for Steel Praetorian’s release day!

Salve! I hope this post improves your day.

In news – I’ve started assembling at least a few blog visits to help promote Steel Praetorian, but I’m still looking for more. If you’ve got a blog, I’ve got five dates open for the next three weeks. I’m willing to trade 1 for 1 or do a feature just for you! Please let me know if you want to join up on my November Novel Showcase!

11/13-11/20 – 1 slots open

11/21-11/26 – 2 slots open

11/27-12/3 – 2 slots open

In Steel Praetorian News – Dedication submitted.

Laurel Emperor Progress: 15,389 (Definitely didn’t do much these last days – school week + US election has been rough on my mental processes. Read the snippet beyond the break.

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Day 3 – A meeting with an Ambassador

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo and we’ve reached 6,000 words! Read more inside!

Hello all!

Another day of NaNoWriMo in the books! Chapter two is mostly finished, as Constantine looks to negotiate with the Mongols. Surely this cannot be good. For anyone!

Current Word Count: 6,068 – trying to build up a head of steam here. Read more beyond the break!

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Halloween Update and NaNoWriMo 2016

An update of what’s going on here in Romanpunk land!

Hi all,

As usual, I’ve completely disappeared for the first quarter of school here in the USA. However, here are some brief, and exciting, updates! Happy Halloween!

  • Cover art is nearly complete
  • Formatting is nearly complete
  • Both illustrations are in the works!
  • Outlining for NaNoWriMo 2016 continues!
  • Sale on Iron Tribune coming this November

Read more about what’s going on below the break!

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NaNoWriMo Thoughts Part II

The second part of my NaNoWriMo series, detailing my favorite parts of the program and how it can help you!

So I’ve recently written about NaNoWriMo and what it is, so now let me get to what I like about it. There’s a variety of things, but it really boils down to two parts. Accountability and community. Read more past the break!

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Shoutout for Steampunk Bloggers!

A Steampunk Shoutout for Fellow Authors and Bloggers

Hi all,

Another blogger is on the lookout for good steampunk websites, blogs, writers, etc, as she is looking to compile a big list about them! Hop on over and check out her site For Whom the Gear Turns – I also recently backed her kickstarter to send her to several steampunk conventions (since I don’t have the time to go and it’s always fun to get another writer’s point of view on a convention before I commit the time or money to go to one!

(Full Disclosure  – Iron Tribune has an ad up on her site (Part of the reward for the kickstarter pledge) – But then again you already own Iron Tribune, don’t you?)

Here’s a preview below. Enjoy!

Iron Tribune Advertisement!

Character Decision Making – Tough Choices

Two Characters in Steel Praetorian face an incredibly tough choice, and I discuss my thoughts on tension, challenges, and character interaction.

(Also Called – How to help your character face a plot-altering or personality altering choice!)

Hi all,

Worry not, the difficult choice is for Octavia and Regillus to solve. Here’s the simplest question. When is an atrocity committed in the name of saving lives allowable? Read more inside!

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Dalmatia, Pannonia, Center of the Action

Snippets and Some Insight into book #4 with Regillus and Tzmisces.

Hi all! Today’s update focuses on the center of the action here in book #4, Steel Praetorian.

If you don’t want to read spoilers, don’t read ahead! Just enjoy looking at this lovely little map so you know where the action will be taking place!


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