Update on Laurel Emperor

Check out the progress on Laurel Emperor, then read a snippet from a longtime character.

Salve! Today’s post is on the progress of Laurel Emperor, plus a snippet from a character we’ve seen and heard a lot about, and even dealt with, but never actually read about from his own point of view. Anyways, onward to progress!

Word Count: 35,107

Final Goal: 95,000-100,000 words

Chapters: 12 so far

Average size of chapters – 10 pages (5 full word document pages, generally doubled to make the normal chapter size).

Locations of Interest – Thrace, Rome, Byzantium, Alexandria

Read more to find out who our mystery chapter POV character is today!

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Day 16 – We’re close to the end!


Steel Praetorian has a cover (or at least, a first draft) and an entirely formatted book! Which means it should be done soon! OH MY GOSH I’M SO EXCITED! Estimated Book release date is the 1st of December, which gives me time to do some more blog posts, put it on sale for pre-order, get some proof copies in, and send out review copies.

If you’re a blogger that’s interested in getting a pre-release copy of Steel Praetorian for review, let me know!

For tonight, that’s all!

Current Word Count – Laurel Emperor: 23,500 – Not much progress but it’s been a crazy week here – plus getting sick never helps!

Day 15 – How to Write Plot Twists

Let’s explore plot twists in depth.

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about everyone’s favorite point in a novel – the plot twist. Whether you’re a reader, a writer, an author, a movie-goer or a television watcher, you’re familiar with the plot twist. Everything is going perfectly fine (or at least, in the same, expected direction) and then suddenly, a key component of the story is spun on it’s head. This forces the reader/viewer to adapt or even change their opinions about a character, event, or challenge.

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Day 13 – Lucky or Unlucky?

20,000 words makes this a pretty lucky day I think!

Salve! Welcome to the 13th day of Blogging this November!

Today is really exciting, as I’ve hit the 20,000 word mark. This is a really big deal for me, as it means that almost 1/4 of Laurel Emperor’s first draft is finished! Also, I haven’t been the most focused today, so I also managed to write 500 words on another short story/fan fic idea I’ve been playing around with, which brings my total number of words written today to nearly 3,000! With all my major characters having gotten at least one chapter, I’m about to start working in several new characters that were introduced in the last book, and will begin to play a bigger role in some of the events in Rome.

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Day 12 – An Exercise in Nation Building

Alexandros has a new job, plus we’ve reached 18,000 words!

Salve! Happy Weekend!

Julius Brutus Caesar

Alexandros is back with a purpose in his first chapter in Laurel Emperor. I admit, I’ve been struggling a bit with his story line right now. Ever since the events in Steel Praetorian, and their resolution, it’s been tricky to try and shoehorn him into the events that are engulfing the rest of the nation, without making it seem forced. While he is a hero, the idea that he could just come in and replace someone already loyal to Constantine and his loyalist faction is very unlike him. So I’ve had to come up with an alternative idea for him to follow. More beyond the break.

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Day 11 – Maybe Sent a Character to Heaven?

Snippet doesn’t match the Heading, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

02-devastation-of-sundsvallOh Um…


Maybe, Maybe not.

PS – If you’ve already liked me on Facebook, there’s a big announcement about Iron Tribune going on, go check it out!

Here’s today’s writing snippet below the read more tag. Word Count: 17,032

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Day 10 – Blog Tour Hosts Wanted!

Looking for some more blog tour hosts for Steel Praetorian’s release day!

Salve! I hope this post improves your day.

In news – I’ve started assembling at least a few blog visits to help promote Steel Praetorian, but I’m still looking for more. If you’ve got a blog, I’ve got five dates open for the next three weeks. I’m willing to trade 1 for 1 or do a feature just for you! Please let me know if you want to join up on my November Novel Showcase!

11/13-11/20 – 1 slots open

11/21-11/26 – 2 slots open

11/27-12/3 – 2 slots open

In Steel Praetorian News – Dedication submitted.

Laurel Emperor Progress: 15,389 (Definitely didn’t do much these last days – school week + US election has been rough on my mental processes. Read the snippet beyond the break.

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Day 9 – A non-teaser update

A very brief update to continue my month of blogging.

Hi everyone!

Today’s just a quick update to tell you that we’ve reached the 15,000 word mark! Hurray! Also, the illustrations for Steel Praetorian are nearing completion, and I expect the formatting and cover art to be done shortly as well. I’m thinking the release date will be around the 1st of December, giving me a break between the Thanksgiving holidays (When no one is paying attention) and the Christmas holidays (when no one is paying attention).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to try and compete with huge multinationals that can throw bazillions on advertising!

Anyways, enjoy the day!


Day 8 – A party, a palace and more!

Palaces, Parties, and Voting – I mean… Roman-style voting… More inside!

Happy Election Day to my Fellow Americans – If you haven’t voted, go now! Polls are still open for at least another hour in most eastern states and several hours in the midwest and western states – every vote counts!

Now that’s done, we can return to our regularly scheduled blog post! Big time progress today thanks to a train trip, and I can announce we’ve hit the 14,000 word mark! Hurray! Also, I’ve gotten the final drafts back for one of the two illustrations, and the second draft back for the second of the two illustrations. Much excitement for me I assure you!

Anywho, goal for tonight is 15,500, which places us 500 ahead of Day 9’s NaNoWriMo2016’s goal, and thus gives me a comfortable bubble to work with as needed.

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Day 7 – Airships and More Airships!

Working hard and falling behind – See what’s happening in day 7 of NaNoWriMo2016!

Hi everyone!

An excellent description of how my word count feels today. Crashing and burning.

Finally got some good solid time to sit here and type, but I’m incredibly distracted today. I’m about 2k behind schedule, and it’s really hard to find the motivation to continue right now. Fortunately, I’ve managed to finish Corbus’ chapter, which means I can start on a new one, which always helps!

Word Count (as of 8:35 pm) 10,622 9,304 words – Goal Tonight: 12,000 (eek)

Read the snippet beyond the break!

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