Last Gladiator Update!

24,000 words and going strong! Here’s a quick snippet! Got to reach that 27,000 goal by this weekend! Lots to do!

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Maryland Renaissance Festival Recap!

A Recap of my awesome book signing event at the Maryland Renaissance Festival!

“Do you like Roman history? Or Alternate history? How about steamships? If you do, this is the book for you!”

The Fiance/Fair Maiden and I/Caviler/Author

I lost track of how often I said that Saturday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, Maryland. But I’m excited to share how it went!

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Steam Empire Chronicles Website Updated!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share that I’ve spent this weekend upgrading the old Brass Legionnaire site. Now it’s looking brand new and contains all the novels of the Steam Empire Chronicles! So check it out to see the entire series (and not just my ramblings on here!)


The Descent
How I feel when I finally fix the website!

Book Signing Perhaps?

A wild book signing event has appeared!

Hi everyone!

Exciting news is in the works as I have my first book signing event in progress. I’ll release more details later, but it’s an exciting moment for me!

The last time there were signed books.

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Caesarian Colonies – How a Roman New World Might Develop

Exploring the New World as a Roman

Hi All,

As part of the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, I’ve mentioned the ideas of colonies in the new world multiple times. Indeed, there’s a variety of reasons that Rome would indeed seed and establish colonies in the ‘new world’ or Caesaria, in the novels. From ‘expansion space’ for retired veterans, to the ever driving need for new markets, slaves, and farmland, etc. A Rome with stronger, more stable neighbors, would need an additional outlet.

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Laurel Emperor – T Minus 1 Day!

Oh my gosh! It’s so close we can taste it! (if one could taste digital ebooks)


Pre-order Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! Help my book make it onto the best sellers list for Steampunk and Roman & Greek Mythology listings! Even Corbus wants a copy (because he doesn’t yet know how the book ends!)

If you aren’t sure where to start, grab the first book – Brass Legionnaire – for only 99 cents on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords!

Excited to share this novel with you tomorrow!

  • Daniel

Laurel Emperor Presale Now Live

Laurel Emperor Digital Pre-Orders are now live! Reserve yours now!

Greetings, followers of Constantine! Laurel Emperor is now available for preorder on Nook and Kindle! Follow the rightful emperor and pre-order your copy today.

Grab your digital copy today. If you’re waiting for a paperback version, the Kickstarter for illustrations and paperback formatting should be ready to go sometime in the next five days! I’ll keep you all up to date and informed on that as it happens! Ciao!


Laurel Emperor’s release date is October 1, 2018.

Laurel Emperor Cover Reveal!

Check out the final book of the Steam Empire Chronicles!

It’s time! Time for you to see the most impressive cover of the Steam Empire Chronicles series. Without further ado, here it is!



Let me know what you think! What are you most looking forward to?

Holiday Gift Time!

Remember to grab your copy of Brass Legionnaire this holiday season – for yourself or someone special! Now only 99 cents!

Salve! Happy Holidays!

Just a reminder that you can grab all of my books in print and ebook form this Holiday Season!

Click here for the Paperback Version!

If you’re not sure where to start, get my Award Winning first novel – Brass Legionnaire – Now only 99 cents in ebook!2013_EBook_WINNER-sm

Once you’re hooked, check out the rest of the series with Copper Centurion, Iron Tribune, and Steel Praetorian! Get all caught up before the series finale is published next year!

You can get all these novels on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and through the Apple iStore.

What’s that? You want even MORE Roman Steampunk Adventure fun!?

Check out my novellas! Fast and quick reads with great backstory on characters you’ve come to love.

Both are cheap as chips, especially during this holiday season. You can get both for 99 cents. Check them out as well, and buy the whole set!


Today’s writing – 58k!

Today’s writing – hitting 58,000 words!


Today’s writing has been brief, but I managed to get to 58,000 words. Today’s writing focused on Aurelia, the princess that everyone loves to hate (or perhaps, just loves). My goal for NaNoWriMo is 80,000 words, so just 22,000 to go. I can do this! Remember to subscribe to the blog if you like getting these snippets, poems, and more! Read the snippet after the break!

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