Day 7 of NaNoWriMo2015 – Something Different Today!

11,000 words and a goodbye note from Corbus.

Hi all,

I hit 11,000 words late last night, onwards to 14,000 today. Remember to subscribe to the blog and follow me on facebook for more information and more frequent updates! Pre-Orders for Iron Tribune digitally are live through Amazon and Smashwords! Also check out my Facebook Iron Tribune Release Party! A fun time will be had by all

So today I’m responding to a challenge from the NaNoWriMo2015 Forums provided by a 6th grader who is participating in the Youth Writer’s Program.

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What my Characters do on their Birthdays

A birthday interview of two characters from Brass Legionnaire!

Hi all, Modern Papyrus here, interviewing all your favorite book characters to see what they are up to on their birthday, since they all seem to (strangely enough) have the same birthday!

Julius Brutus Caesar – You know, ever since I’ve joined the legions, I’ve sort of forgotten when it is my birthday because I lost track of time. Oh it is today? I suppose I’ll be doing some guard duty, then perhaps going out to the local tavern. My favorite drink? A good old mug of local beer. Unless it’s that North African stuff. No beer from there please. (Lowers voice conspiratorially) Actually, the centurion over in 6th cohort brews up some ridiculously strong ale. I swear, last time I had a pint I (Censored by order of FCC) and then we all (censored) but then the Tribune showed up and we had to (censored). Now that is a beer any god would be proud of!

Senatora Octavia Pelia – My birthday? Why yes it is thank you. Did you get me anything? An interview? That’s not very considerate of you. Don’t you know I hate interviews?
MP: But you’re a senator, you should love interviews.
OP: And? I greatly dislike them. Waste of time. Anyways, I’ll most likely be enjoying the comforts of home, having a few of my friends over and engaging in a wonderous evening of political talk and chat. Definitely excited to have a few very important guests coming over.
MP: Such as?
OP: Oh you know, head of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Head of the Palace Guard, Legion Commander Appius. It will be a ball!
MP: Any comment on the word that you and the commander are courting.
OP: (Icy Stare)
MP: Nevermind! On to the next interview!

I’ll be interviewing Junior Centurion Gwendyrn and Captain Alexandros, along with everyone’s favorite Legion Commander this week! Have a wonderful day!


Introducing Senatora Pelia

Here’s a brief interview with Senatora Octavia Pelia, one of the new characters in Copper Centurion. Don’t forget to check out Brass Legionnaire on Kindle and on Nook!

This is D.O. and I’m coming to you live from the halls of the Imperial Roman Statehouse here in the center  of Rome. With me is one of the youngest members of the Roman Senate, and by far it’s most unique one. She also happens to be the first major female character introduce in Copper Centurion. Thanks for taking this moment to meet with us, Senatora Octavia Pelia.

P: Can we hurry this up? I’ve got a committee meeting in ten minutes, and I’ve got to talk with the other senators about this expedition to Nortland and….

D: Excuse me, there’s an expedition going somewhere?

P: *Levels an angry glare at me and sighs* I suppose I can tell you about it since there’s no way you’d let anyone else know. Yes, there’s an expedition in the works to go north and punish those pesky Nortlander savages for their destruction of Brittenburg. That’s the official line, anyways.

D: What’s the unofficial line?

P: High command is stuck in a political battle between the career and political officers. We’ve just barely managed to get a career officer in charge of the expedition, but the vote was so close I don’t know if it will manage it in the full senate. This expedition would be a fine way for some political imbecile to truly *part censored due to language unbecoming a young woman of Roman breeding and standards*.

D: I… I never knew you felt that passionately about this…

P: My father was a career officer. I blame his death – on the field of battle, no less – on those political idiots he couldn’t remove from his supporting armies.

D: Ah, I see. So I can take it you plan on voting against whatever political appointment is proposed to lead the expedition?

P: Yes. Rumor is that they’ll try to vote through General Minnicus – As though anyone would want that man in charge after the debacle back in Brittenburg. Did you know that he nearly got our Crown Prince KILLED? By rights, that man should be in chains. And to place him in charge of the same legion that contains the primus imperio Constantine Appius again would be sheer foolishness.

D: Sounds like you’ve got a thing for this Prince.

P: *Blushes and glares at me* What is this, a drama worthy of Virgil? I’ve never even met his highness, much less talked with him. How could I have a ‘thing’ for him?

*Bell rings

P: If you’ll excuse me, a vote is being called for, and I don’t want to miss it.

D: Thanks for talking with us anyways, Senatora! And now check out this fun fan art from Hazel West. Thanks Hazel!

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