Laurel Emperor Beta Readers!

Looking for a few good men and women to beta read Laurel Emperor! Do you have what it takes to read a book before it’s released and tell me what you think?

Greetings! Welcome to 2018 – I’m a bit behind I know. But things have been busy here. I’ve spent the last few days completing the entire Laurel Emperor outline (for real!) and have begun the last few chapters. If you didn’t know, I wrote the final chapter of the series somewhere in the middle of book number two. Don’t ask me why, I just happened to feel the need to record where everything was going.

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Looking for Some Good Beta Readers

Looking for beta readers! Apply today!

Hi all,

If you’re a fan of my books, you know then that every story is a labor of love, and that in the end it’s not all my work, but the work of various other people – my editor, cover artist, illustrators, etc. I’m looking for two or three people to join my team as beta readers. What does that mean? I’m looking for people willing to read my novel, Iron Tribune (and even later novels if you’d like!) and find mistakes, confusing points, problems, or even good things! This is your chance to provide input before anyone, even my editor, gets a crack at it.

One man cannot hold back the waves of ravening poorly worded sentences alone.
One man cannot hold back the waves of ravening poorly worded sentences alone.

Specifically, I’d need you to…

1.) Read the current transcript of Iron Tribune and identify flaws, errors, etc.

2.) Send me these errors by the end of February (for the 1st round) and March (for the 2nd round) so I can fix them!

3.) That’s it!

What do you get? Well, besides a signed copy of the final book plus a digital copy, if you don’t have either Brass Legionnaire or Copper Centurion, I’ll send you a copy of whatever you’re missing for free (Signed if it’s a paperback copy).

So a pretty good deal. Plus, you’ll get credit in the acknowledgements, a long range high five, even a super big thank you.

So how to apply? Send me a message through the contact me option in the menu above or leave me a message below. For a few nights work you get some fun freebies, and I’d be very glad to return the favor if you’re looking for a beta reader yourself!

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