Brass Legionnaire is an Ebook Award Finalist!

Brass Legionnaire has been nominated for an eBook Award from the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. Read the post to find out more!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for! First and foremost, I just learned that my debut novel, Brass Legionnaire, is a finalist in the Action & Adventure Category for the 2013 eBook Awards. The eBook Awards are done by the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, and is one of the very first awards for e-publishing. You can learn more about them here.

It’s a great honor to even be considered for the award. Honestly, when I submitted my novel, I truly never even thought it was going to make it. And at first, I wondered if it was going to be one of those ‘you applied and paid a small entrance fee, and guess what? Everyone’s a winner!’

But it isn’t. I’m one of the top three in an entire category, going up against two other more veteran authors with many books and novels out, including last year’s winner of the same category. Oof!

But like I said, I’m so overwhelmingly excited just to be mentioned. And I’ve decided I’ll be going to EPICon (The annual conference/awards gala) this year just to see what it’s like to be a published author at an event where everyone is involved with publishing in one way or another. The even is in March, so I’ll be able to update you then on what happened!
Plus, I can still hold out hope for an award! And I already know I’ll be submitting Copper Centurion this upcoming year. As always, it never hurts to have a second string in your bow.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat well and help the cook clean up!

Who wants their book reviewed?

Greetings all!

Most of you probably don’t know this, but if you go WAYYYYY back in Modern Papyrus’ history you’ll find a bunch of book reviews. Why? Because I love books! (Still do!) However, now that I’m a self published author, I’ve realized how hard it can be to get decent book reviews nowadays.

So I figured I’d start offering book reviews to self-published authors for free (for now – if I get a million people asking me to do it, maybe I’ll charge money – like a ‘buy me lunch or else’ type thing? Good idea? No, you say? Darn)

But there is a catch. I don’t have a million hours of free time. So at this time, it’s open to the FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who contact me about getting a review. To contact me, you simply click the contact button at the top of the page. First five by time stamp win! Everyone else… maybe next time!

What do I get? Content for the blog, and readers that come to me to see the reviews of your book because you’ve done your homework and promoted your book, right? Oh you didn’t? Click here to start that now while I read your book!

What do you get? I thought this would be obvious. An honest review that I’ll willingly post on Amazon and Nook and Goodreads should you request it. Plus, maybe this will lead to collaboration and author interviews and all that fun jazz.

I’m open to any fiction that’s not romantic or erotica. If your book has romance in it but is more action or adventure or whatnot, then sure, I’ll check it out. I’ll make the final call, but I’m pretty open to most other book types.

Ready… Set… Go!

UPDATE: As of July 15th, I have two books lined up. I’d love to get five done. So keep emailing me people!

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Message and Brass Legionnaire Update

Good Afternoon everyone,

I’ll make today’s post brief as I plan on celebrating mother’s day with the one and only female parental unit (F.P.U. never really stuck me as a great acronym, so MOM works). I just wanted to give a brief update on Brass Legionnaire before I head out.

The print and ebook editions of the novel are being finalized as we speak. I’m getting the information from my Kickstarter pals and I’ve started sending of some Advanced Review Copies to different review websites to try and get some reviews before the novel comes back.

This is a big step for me. This is where it goes from being a hypothetical to a real thing. Will the reviewers like it? Will they treat it fairly? Does every author go through this moment? It’s like watching your child ride a bike for the first time without training wheels and without your hand on their back. Except with this, there isn’t really a do over or mom standing over you with a band-aid to patch up your scratched knee.

So as the proud parent of my first born (novel) I say to you, go forth and shine, show the readers all that you’ve got. I have written and created you and given you love and help and time to grow, but now it is time for you to run on your own. If you are a reviewer or reader out there, give my novel a good look. He (It’s definitely a he) has got plenty of character, twists and turns, a comes with a good heart.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Enjoy this day with the one person who (hopefully) loves you for all that you are and all that you are not.

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