Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours, happy Thanksgiving! May your stomachs be full and your hearts be warm this holiday season.

– Daniel

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Salve! Happy Thanksgiving! From my family to yours, I truly hope you are spending this day with loved ones from near and far. If anyone hasn’t told you today that they are thankful for you, I am. You readers are half the reason I write (the other half, of course, is the sweet benefit of getting to tell my students I’m published, even if it is self-published.)


Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re recovering from a food coma, or just now sitting down for dinner, or waking up to so some early Black Friday shopping, I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, friends and feasting.

From my (extended) novel family – Constantine, Julius, Octavia, Aurelia, Aura, Corbus, Regillus, Gwendyrn and more, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Happy Mechanical Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Plus a Black Friday Announcement!)

IsaacSteampunk From Our Family to yours, Happy mechanical turkey day! (Or Thanksgiving, in your neck of the woods!)

Check back tomorrow for a Black Friday Sale! It is going to be huge!

Check out my Facebook or Twitter for more information! (And be sure to like/Follow me while you’re there!)


– Daniel, Julius, Constantine, Octavia, and the whole gang

Brass Legionnaire is an Ebook Award Finalist!

Brass Legionnaire has been nominated for an eBook Award from the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. Read the post to find out more!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for! First and foremost, I just learned that my debut novel, Brass Legionnaire, is a finalist in the Action & Adventure Category for the 2013 eBook Awards. The eBook Awards are done by the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, and is one of the very first awards for e-publishing. You can learn more about them here.

It’s a great honor to even be considered for the award. Honestly, when I submitted my novel, I truly never even thought it was going to make it. And at first, I wondered if it was going to be one of those ‘you applied and paid a small entrance fee, and guess what? Everyone’s a winner!’

But it isn’t. I’m one of the top three in an entire category, going up against two other more veteran authors with many books and novels out, including last year’s winner of the same category. Oof!

But like I said, I’m so overwhelmingly excited just to be mentioned. And I’ve decided I’ll be going to EPICon (The annual conference/awards gala) this year just to see what it’s like to be a published author at an event where everyone is involved with publishing in one way or another. The even is in March, so I’ll be able to update you then on what happened!
Plus, I can still hold out hope for an award! And I already know I’ll be submitting Copper Centurion this upcoming year. As always, it never hurts to have a second string in your bow.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat well and help the cook clean up!

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