Interview with Steampunk Author James Calbraith

We go in-depth with Author James Calbraith on Japan, Steampunk, and the Steam-Lit Extravaganza!

Banner-copy21-1024x426As part of our #Steamlit Steampunk promotion, I was fortunate enough to both interview and be interviewed by another steampunk author. You can view my interview here.

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to interview James Calbraith, author of the Year of the Dragon Series, a Japanese Steampunk tale. I should mention, the covers are gorgeous and he’s offering a great deal on his first four books – The Year of the Dragon Series, Books 1-4: The Crimson Robe – Which I think everyone should check out. Before I blabber on unnecessarily, here’s the interview 😉 Continue reading “Interview with Steampunk Author James Calbraith”

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