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Cover Art Proof

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Story Synopsis

The story is part political intrigue, part coming of age story. In 1856, the spare heir of the Imperial Roman empire, Constantine, is sent to join the Imperial Army’s newest legion, the Germaina XIII, and ends up leading the 13th cohort (of the 13th legion) through basic training, which has our other main character, the former factory worker Julius, as a member. Their unit is singled out for special duties in the roman army working behind enemy lines. In Brittenburg, a rebellion threatens to topple the empire and plans to kill the emperor. The older heir to the throne is killed back in Rome, although the Emperor escapes. Constantine is recalled to protect his safety, arriving in Brittenburg just in time for the instigators to strike, as open revolt strikes the city with assistance from an old enemy. The new legion is forced to quell the city revolt, rescue their tribune, and save a critical factory city from the deprivations of enemy and rebel forces.

Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy

In Suzanne Collins’ post-apocalyptic world, once a year 24 children are sacrificed to compete to the death in the Hunger Games. The country known as Panem is composed of 12 Districts that encircle the power center known as the Capitol. Every year each District must send one randomly selected boy and girl to the Arena where their battle for survival and glory is broadcasted reality TV-style for all of Panem to see.  (Warning: following review contains some spoilers). Continue reading “Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy”

Review: The Way of Shadows

The Way of Shadows is book one in Brent Week’s Night Angel series. This was one of those books I picked from the bookstore at random. I’d never heard of Brent Weeks or the series. All I knew was it was sitting in the Sci Fi/ Fantasy section and was about an assassin. I bought the entire trilogy in one shot, hoping that I would at least find it mildly engaging because otherwise I had just wasted 20 bucks that I probably should have used for gas money. Not only was I pleasantly surprised, I was hooked.

Azoth is trying to eke out a meager existence as a street rat. His attention is focused on not getting beat into a bloody mess and trying to make sure he and his two friends don’t starve to death on the stinking streets of the Warrens. But he has dreams beyond the slums. If he could land an apprenticeship with the most deadly assassin in Cenaria, Durzo Blint, then he would never have to fear anything ever again. Continue reading “Review: The Way of Shadows”

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