Top Five Places to visit in Portland, Part 2

Part Two of our Top Five places to visit in Portland – Doughnuts and Sushi!

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Alright, time for Part 2! These are our top two places to visit in Portland are coming up!
#2 – Voodoo Doughnuts – This is a Portland staple! With lines stretching out the door, and open 24/7, the incredible variety of donuts in the bright pink box will satisfy anyone’s cravings. We got six of the most amazing doughnuts. My personal favorite was the Maple-Bacon one featured on the front page of their website. Bacon + Maple doughnut = delicious. Be prepared for a wait, or go early in the morning. I would suspect that late at night is actually a tougher time to get them, as the after-clubbing crowd is hungry for a post-party snack.
#1 – Bamboo Sushi – Our number one spot belongs to the first sustainable-harvest full service sushi restaurant in America. This restaurant not only believes in being ecologically responsible, but also in serving high quality, locally sourced food. THeir sushi is amazing. We ordered three rolls between the two of us.
And then ordered another one, the special – a Friday the 13th roll – because it was that amazing. I seriously was exceptionally impressed by the food, decor, people, everything. If you’ve got the time while in Portland or the nearby areas, definitely check these guys out.
Where else would you recommend we go in Portland when we return someday?

Top Five Places to Visit in Portland

So in commemoration of our trip to Portland, the significant other demanded that we create a Top 5 destinations in Portland. These are places we went to that were amazing. Please know we didn’t have time to visit amazing natural things, which we would love to, but there simply wasn’t time, so here is a crash course in things to do in Portland when you have less than two days there. Alternatively, when you have a conference to go to and thus only have the equivalent of a day and a half spread out over a few days free. Here goes!

#5 – Deschutes Brewery – This local brewery is actually originally from Bend, Oregon. They serve amazing locally sourced food and craft beers. If you’re from the Northwest U.S., you’ve probably seen their beers on the shelf. If you’re from the East Coast like myself, you thoroughly enjoyed yourself drinking and eating the best burger I think I’ve ever had. Great service, plus a wonderful room. I’ll try to add photographs to this later for you to see the inside of the restaurant.

#4 – Buffalo Exchange – You know the song Thrift Shop, by Macklemore, where he talks about going to the Thrift Store (No really!) Well, Buffalo Exchange is the clothing thrift shop you wish was near you. Not only can you sell back your old clothing, but you can buy some really good-quality used clothing. No digging through ancient ties, Buffalo sports vintage, hard-to-find, classic and modern styles. The significant other had a field day and was quite upset at me when I drug her out (30 minutes later!) They also have locations in most other major metropolitan areas around the country.


#3 – Powell’s Books – I’m a writer. I’m also a reader. Powell’s Books is like taking the Library of Congress and putting it out for sale. The link actually links to my book because they have it. And you know that if they sell independent and self-published books, then they have a huge selection. Powell’s boasts that it is the largest independent book store on earth. And it probably is, taking up an entire city block and then some. We spent an hour in there, and I only saw probably 1/3 of the rooms and floors available. If you’re looking for something rare or hard to find, they probably have it. If you don’t have a local bookstore (independent) check them out online, they offer a flat shipping rate for 1-1000 books!


Whoa, this post is pretty long already. I’ll break it up! Be on the look out for part two tomorrow!




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