My Month-Long Blogging Experiment

Or – How to double your readership in 30 days.

Salve! As I sit here, basking in the computer-screen glow of Steel Praetorian finally being out and available for you all to read in a single day, I’m reflecting on the month long journey that brought us here. One of my personal promises to myself this month was two fold- write every day for Laurel Emperor, and blog every day for Modern Papyrus (also called this blog – ha!)

So what are the results?

October Stats:


299 Visitors



1 post published (Literally – that’s all I posted in October – first quarter of a school year really kills me!)

Now compare that to November


470 Visitors



Now there are outside factors to consider – NaNoWriMo happens during November, and, as usual, my biggest draw is the 50 Ways to Kill your Character post. This definitely bumps up the numbers by a hefty margin.

But was it worth it?

To me, yes. Just the fact of “Oh I have to have something to blog about” made me work overtime to think about how to improve my craft. What do you want to see? What do you want to read?

Definitely made me up my game a bit! And I got 34 thousand words in Laurel Emperor to boot, which is roughly 1/3 of the novel, so that’s a great start also.


Just driving visitors to the blog isn’t the only goal – it’s to engage the community – and I think the number of likes, comments, and extra discussions/likes on facebook and twitter are a bonus also. This expands the brand and builds hype before the release of my novel.

Oh yea, did I mention Steel Praetorian is out? Book 4 of the Steam Empire Chronicles is now available for purchase on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

Steel Praetorian takes us deeper into the story and the political intrigue in Rome than ever before. Order shatters, resistance endures. Our loyalist friends face new challenges, while our traitorous friends uncover plot-twisting secrets. Cities will fall, Royal Houses will rise, and new technology will come to the forefront  – but for better or worse?


Happy December!


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