Brass Legionnaire

2013_EBook_WINNER-smBrass Legionnaire is the first book in the Steam Empire Chronicles Series. You can listen to the first chapter here on YouTube, or download the first chapter of Brass Legionnaire.

It is the recipient of the 2013 EPICon award for Best Action-Adventure Novel.

An adventure story for those aged twelve to one hundred twelve, Brass Legionnaire is Daniel Ottalini’s Debut novel and available in ebook and paperback form on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple iStore as well as most other major ebook companies and platforms.

What readers are saying…

“It would make a great movie…action packed, with lots of interesting objects and gizmos!” – sugpie1953 (Five Star Review)

“A great debut novel that gives much promise for the Author’s writing career…” – Hazel West (Five Star Review)

“If a combination of Romans, the 1800s and steampunk seems a little bizarre, don’t let that put you off. This author knows his history and has developed the alternate timeline logically into the industrialised period.” – Author Alison Morton

Click here for the Paperback Version!

Click here for the Paperback Version!

Synopsis & Background

Julius Caesar narrowly avoided being assassinated during the Ides of March.

The Romans were victorious in the Battle of the Teutoberg Forest, crushing their Germanic opponents and securing Germania as a province of Rome once and for all.

It is 1856. The Imperial Roman Empire stretches from the Baltic Sea and the River Vistuala in the north, to the Caucuses and Red Sea in the east, to the deserts of the Sahara in the south. Roman Colonae have been founded in the New World, and Roman engineering know-how dominates Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Only Han China in the Orient can muster such a powerful combination of strength, technology, and industry.

But beneath this marble facade, there are cracks. To the north, the barbarian raiders of Nortland cobble together great airships and go a-viking, dirigible style. To the east, the Mongols hit and run style of warfare has been stopped – at great cost to the Romans. To the south, local tribes great and small are banding together around a newly emergent empire located in the heart of the Ethiopian highlands.

Into this world we meet our two main characters. Julius Brutus Caesar is trying to live up to his namesake, the founding emperor, in the industrial slums of Brittenberg, an industrial powerhouse in the territory once known as Belgica. He escapes this life by joining the legions, against the wishes of his family.

Newly arrived in Brittenberg, Constantine Tiberius Appius, Caesar Secondus, or second heir to the Imperial Throne, has arrived incognito as a newly minted Tribune in the XIII Germania, a fresh legion.

As Constantine and Julius face the hazards and challenges of training camp, they hear of a growing insurrection in Brittenberg, one that threatens to tear out the heart of roman industry and send Rome into upheaval. With little training and no support, can the green forces of the XIII Germania save their families, their city, and the Empire itself? Or is it high time the longest lived empire in the world succumb to the forces that are trying to tear it apart?


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